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We have two campaign events

coming up this

Sunday, June 26th:

click the "News/Commentary" link for all the details -hope to see you there!

Join the write-in campaign!

Colorado's Second Congressional


Democratic Primary      

June 28th - and Mail In Ballots


Will you pledge to participate in the Primary Voting and to write-in Steven Todd as your choice for Representative to Congress in CD2?


Pledge your write-in support now!



My name is Steven Todd, the Democratic challenger to Congressman Jared Polis in the June 28th Primary Election here in Colorado's Second Congressional District (CD2), and I would like to earn your support.

I've become convinced that the critical issues we face and the strong progressive voices in our Front Range and High Country region of Colorado are calling for a different kind of politics and a different kind of leadership.

Steven (left) with supporters at the Boulder Creek Festival


I will fight for bold AND common-sense solutions to:

A Rigged Economy

Immediate measures to address income inequality, regressive taxes, and the imperative of a living wage.

Climate Change

Serious action to address global warming, the degradation of our planetary oceans, and the other hazards of climate change.

Money in Politics

Top to bottom campaign finance reform and change in the rest of the corrupting system that amounts to government by the moneyed interests.

Fracking in Colorado

At least five reasons to move toward a ban on fracking.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Saying "NO" to the latest Global trade deal that serves the interests of corporations while harming job markets, families and the environment

Social Justice

Real progress on universal health care, immigration reform, student debt, and the social justice, prejudice, and inequality issues that continue to remind us: Enough is enough. We can do better!


            The Brand New Congress concept getting religious scrutiny and approval!



If this sounds like standard-issue political rhetoric, I encourage you - no, I challenge you - to read on.

This is a different kind of candidacy. Its aim is a political revolution and an economic transformation. And with your support, the result will be historic. But much more importantly, it will be significant, it will make a difference, and it will be a beautiful thing!



Steven Todd for Congress
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